Keep The Festival Blooming!

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You can help sustain the Festival. With your financial support the Festival can continue to :

  • Keep events primarily free and open to the public
  • Support and educate DC students through the community art show and youth programs
  • Engage the community with events including tree plantings and performances
  • Make cherished Festival memories for generations to come  

Even an organization like the National Cherry Blossom Festival – a Washington, DC institution deeply rooted in history and community –needs a little help now and then. Each year, as the costs associated with production continue to skyrocket, the event becomes more and more difficult to sustain. As a nonprofit organization, the Festival is dependent upon the financial support of community members such as yourself. In order for our beloved Festival to continue to grow and blossom, we need your help. Your generous donation will not only help maintain the quality and integrity of the Festival, but also help ensure that its events remain free and open to the public for generations to come.